Zoning–Townships–Complete Exclusion of Trailer Camps and Parks

Plaintiff challenged the validity of an amendment to the zoning ordinance of the defendant township which barred all trailer camps and parks from its industrial district. As trailer parks had previously been zoned out of the business, residential, and agricultural districts, this amendment had the effect of completely excluding them from the entire township, although approximately half of its twenty-three square miles consisted of open rural area. The parties stipulated that the plans of the plaintiff, who wanted to develop a trailer park on his premises, met all of the applicable health standards. The trial court sustained the amendment, but its decision was reversed by the appellate division. On appeal by the township to the New Jersey Supreme Court, held, reversed, two justices dissenting. As the exclusion of trailer parks was deemed necessary to enable the township to realize its full potential for extensive and rapid growth as a well-ordered community attractive to industry, the amendment to the zoning ordinance barring trailer parks from its industrial district constitutes a valid exercise of the zoning power of the township. Vickers v. Township Comm., 37 N.J. 232, 181 A.2d 129 (1962), cert. denied, 371 U.S. 233 (1963).