USA 2050: Identity, Critical Race Theory, and the Asian Century

Robert Chang, a promising young scholar, has given us the first book on Asian Critical Race Theory, or AsianCrit, in his short, readable volume Disoriented: Asian Americans, Law, and the Nation-State. It is a loosely woven collection of essays divided into three parts, drawing upon work Professor Chang published in several earlier law review articles. This book is part of the Critical America Series of New York University Press. The general editors are Critical Race Theory (CRT) senior scholar Professor Richard Delgado of the University of Colorado Law School and his wife, legal researcher Jean Stefancic. The series has produced the single largest collection of legal literature by Critical Race Theorists. The introduction of this brief Review will situate this book squarely within the CRT tradition from which it springs. The next section will provide a short overview of the volume’s major contours. Then, the final section of the Review will humbly engage in a CRT narrative to explore the possible implications of Chang’s work by mid-century.