Ted St. Antoine: An Appreciation

In seeking to encompass the many facets of Ted St. Antoine’s complex life and career, one thinks of other persons to whom he can be compared. John Maynard Keynes comes immediately to mind. Although Ted may never attain the worldwide renown and influence of the great British economist, the two men share several significant traits. Like Keynes, St. Antoine is an internationally prominent and respected scholar in his own field. Like him, also, Ted is a bon vivant and a lover of the arts. He can generally be relied upon for information about the best places to eat, especially in his beloved New York City, and listening to his discourses on the quality of food and wine offered by his favorite restaurants throughout the world is the next best thing to dining with him. But Ted does not live by bread alone: museums, art galleries, concerts, and theaters are all part of his natural habitat. On the frequent occasions when he visits various cities at home or abroad, he counts every day lost that does not include a visit to at least one museum or gallery, dinner at a good restaurant, and attendance at a concert, play, or musical.