Tax Havens as Producers of Corporate Law

William J. Moon*

Review of Re-Imagining Offshore Finance: Market-Dominant Small Jurisdictions in a Globalizing Financial World by Christopher M. Bruner.

Re-Imagining Offshore Finance


*Acting Assistant Professor, New York University School of Law. I thank Bruce Ackerman, Philip Alston, Ian Ayres, Lea Brilmayer, Richard R.W. Brooks, Diarra M. Guthrie, Gloria Ho, Tal Kastner, Christine Kim, Alec Stone Sweet, and Clint Wallace for helpful conversations and comments and Alex Gulbrandsen, Kristi How, and Joann S. Park for excellent research assistance. I also thank Christopher Bruner for his generosity in reading the piece before its publication and the editors of the Michigan Law Review, especially Kathryn M. Brown, for terrific editorial suggestions.

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