State and Local Advisory Reports on Public Employment Labor Legislation: A Comparative Analysis

The reports surveyed in this Article will be designated by reference to the state or other governmental unit with which each is associated. The reports are, in chronological order, the Connecticut Report of February 1965, the Minnesota Report of March 1965, the Rhode Island Report of February 1966, the New York (“Taylor Committee”) Report of March 1966, the Michigan Report of February 1967, the Illinois Report of March 1967, the New Jersey Report of January 1968, the Pennsylvania Report of June 1968, and the Los Angeles County Report of July 1968. The “findings” made by the National Governors’ Conference Task Force Report will not be included in this survey, but this omission carries no invidious connotation. The Task Force Report is required reading for anyone interested in public employment relations because it contains, in addition to a general bibliography, an excellent analysis of the problems presented by public sector unionism and much valuable factual documentation of existing laws.