Some Observations on the Disposition of CCW Cases in Detroit

Part I of this Note details the disposition of cases alleging violations of the Michigan CCW statute that were brought in the Detroit recorder’s court during 1973. Although the statute is only part of the current scheme of gun control in Michigan, it is the principal weapon available to the police and prosecutor in the preventive battle against the illegal use of firearms. To give meaning to the dispositional statistics and to aid in perceiving the over-all judicial attitude toward CCW cases, the statistical results of the study are compared with statistics on the disposition of cases involving felonies similar in nature or maximum sentence. Part II considers whether the current enforcement scheme is adequate in light of accepted deterrence theories and concludes that a significant increase in the certainty and severity of punishment of offenders is necessary if the CCW statute is to operate with any degree of effectiveness. Part III suggests a sentencing scheme that is more likely to satisfy the purpose of the CCW statute.