Saying No to Stakeholding

What if America were to make good on its promise of equal opportunity by [XXX]? That’s the bold proposal set forth by Yale law professors Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott…. The quotation above is from the Yale University Press announcement describing Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott’s new book, with one change: we have substituted “[XXX]” for the authors’ catchphrase summary of their proposal. What do you think the missing words might be? How would you enable America “to make good on its promise of equal opportunity”? As you ponder that question, you might consider the following feature of the Ackerman/ Alstott proposal. It calls for the federal government to spend an additional $255 billion per year (p. 35). Perhaps that is not surprising; perhaps you might have trouble spending much less if you wanted to make good on the promise of equal opportunity. So what would Ackerman and Alstott do?