Recent Important Decisions

Bailment – Artisan’s Lien – Selling Automobile Tires – Appellee sought to enforce a lien on three touring cars for the price of eight casings sold and fitted on them by him. No charge was made for taking off the old casings and putting on the new ones. The lien was based on the statute giving a lien to wheelwrights who performed work and labor on carriages, wagons, farm irhplements, and other articles for such work and labor, and for all materials furnished by them and used in such product or repairs. AcTs or ARKANSAS, i903, p. 26o. Held, (one judge dissenting), the taking off of old casings and putting on new ones is merely an incident of the business of selling tires not constituting plaintiff a “wheelwright”. Weber Implement and Automobile Co. v. Pearson, (Ark., x918), 200 S. W. 273.