Recent Important Decisions

Carriers – Telegram Not Order Required by Bill of Lading – A car of oil was shipped over the defendant’s line to the order of the consignor, “notify Royal Crown Soap Limited” Plaintiff purchased the cargo, and the bill of lading was indorsed to him. Upon arrival of the car at its destination, the defendant notified Royal Crown Soap Limited. Plaintiff was notified, and sent this telegram: “Am doing all possible locate documents in order stop demurrage suggest you establish bond to produce documents and unload car.” The soap company advised the defendant of receipt of the telegram, and the carrier, relying upon this, allowed the company to unload the car. Held, the telegram was not authority to deliver without production of the bill of lading; that at best it was a suggestion as to how possession of the oil might be obtained before the plaintiff could locate the necessary documents. First Nat. Bank of Chicago v. Rogers, Brown and Co., (I92I), 273 Fed. 529.