Professor Yale Kamisar: “Awesome”

Yale Kamisar arrived in Ann Arbor in the fall of 1965, just after I graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, so I never had him as a teacher. We were colleagues, however, for almost ten years during the 1970s when we were both members of the Michigan faculty. And we have remained good friends ever since. When the editors of the Michigan Law Review asked me if I would submit a “tribute” to Professor Kamisar commemorating his retirement from the faculty, I was happy to accept the invitation. Yale is one of my heroes in the academy – he is the consummate “Law Professor” in all the best senses of the title. And he has been a loyal and caring friend, cheering me on at every stage of my career even when I left Ann Arbor, first to teach at Harvard Law School and then to join the bench. There is no way that I would have passed up an opportunity to pay tribute to my friend and colleague.