Note & Comment

Announcement; Note and Comment: The Right of a De Jure Officer to Recover Salary or Fees Paid to a De Facto Officer; Exemplary Damages Where Acutal Damages Merely Nominal; Seduction–Fiction of Service; Negligence–Druggist Selling Proprietary Medicine Without Knowing Contents; Physician–Duty to Respond to Call; Wills–Contract to Make–Fraud in Obtaining Charity–Relief in Equity; Sale–Bank Cashing Draft Drawn Against consignment of Goods as Purchaser–Liability Upon Express or Implied Warranty of Title or Quality; Voters–Right to Vote for Candidate whose Name is not on the Official Ballot; Constitutional Law–Fourteenth Amendment–Due Process–Equal Protection; Statute of Limitations–Failure to Leave Subjacent Support in Mining–When Statute begins to Run