Note and Comment

Freedom of Press and Use of the Mails – Strangely enough, the First Amendment to the Federal Constitution, although it guarantees against federal attack highly important and fundamental rights, has received very little authoritative interpretation by our courts. It remained for the Gr&t War and conditions following in its train to bring before that tribunal almost the first really important controversies relating to freedom of press and of speech. The case of U. S. ex rel. Milwaukee Social Democratic Publishing Company, Plaintiff in Error, v. Postmaster-General Albert S. Burleson, decided March 7, 192i, is the- latest of a series of notable cases concerning this important matter. The case, however, adds little to the development bf the subject by the court in the preceding cases in this group, which have been reviewed in an article by Professor Goodrich, I9 MICHIGAN LAw REvIEw, pages 487-501.