Note and Comment

Declaratory Judgments – The widespread interest in this ntw form of remedial instrument, which was. somewhat dashed by the recent decision of the Michigan Supreme. Court ‘n Amwmy v. Grand Ropds.Ry. Co. (r920), 211 Mich. 59, holding declaritoty relief to b! non-judicial and -outside the constitutional power of ‘courts (9ig MicH. LAw Rzv. 86), has been revived by the action of’the legislature of. Kansas in enacting a derlaratory judgment statute almost identical with the .Michigan act.. This was done with full knowledge of the decision in the .4mmy case, and inasmuch -as it is well known that some of the judges oti’the Supreme Court of Kansas have taken an” active interest in advocating this reform, it is fair to assume that the act is likely tQ escape the constitutionalguillotine” The English judges. have for two geneiations or m9re been the.chief proponents of English procedural. reform,” and nothing *ould be more universally welcomed in this country than the generous participation and leadership of our high. judges in the efforts of’the public to. make’the administration of justice .more respoksive to social needs.