New Law of Nations

If the article upon the New Law of Nations had been written by an obscure man for a sensational periodical, it would not have been worthy of serious consideration. It appeared in September, 1915, however, in the ZEITSCHRIFT FUR V6LKERRECHT, generally reputed to be the leading periodical devoted to international law, published in the German language. Its author, Dr. JOsEF Ko.HLER, is generally conceded to be the most distinguished living German jurist. His PHILOSOPHY OF LAW was deemed worthy of translation into English and appeared as Volume 12 of the Modern Legal Philosophy Series.’ Dean Roscog POUND has him as the first of living jurists. “No one else,” he 4ays, “has come sQ near .to taking all legal knowlqdge for his province.. No one, therefore, is so well prepared to reduce all legal. knowledge to. a system,”i Professor KOHLER was born at Offenburg, Baden, March 9, 1849, and was educated at Freiburg and Heidelberg., He was Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Wiirzburg from 1878 to 1888, when he was:-appointed to.,a.,professorship in the University of Berlin, a chair which he still holds.. He is also a Privy Councillor. Dr. KoHLER’S contributions to law and jurisprudence have been enormous in buIlk and in range. He has published much in the field of patent and. copyright law, as, well as in jurisprudence and legal philosophy. His versatility is remarkable, for his writings are not confined to law and jurisprudence, but he has made excursions into the fields of aesthetics, poetry, and musical composition..