Labor Law – Labor-Management Relations Act – Availability of Injunctive Relief Under Section 301

Plaintiff union brought suit in a federal district court under section 301 of the LMRA to enjoin defendant employer from violating a collective bargaining agreement by refusing to give effect to an arbitration award directing the reinstatement of certain employees. On appeal from an order of the district court dismissing the complaint on the ground that the Norris-LaGuardia Act prevented the court from issuing an injunction, held, reversed. Section 301(a) of the LMRA authorizes federal courts to enjoin violations of collective agreements, and the Norris-LaGuardia Act does not forbid the granting of such relief. Milk and Ice Cream Drivers and Dairy Employees Union, Local No. 98 v. Gillespie Milk Products Corp., (6th Cir. 1953) 203 F.(2d) 650.