Labor Law – Federal Procedure – Stay of State Court Proceedings Involving Matters Within the Exclusive Jurisdiction of the NLRB

Richman Brothers sought and was granted a state court injunction against organizational picketing conducted by the union. The complaint alleged acts which were unfair labor practices under section 8 (b) (2) of the amended National Labor Relations Act. The union, after failing to obtain removal of this action, unsuccessfully applied for a federal district court injunction against the state court proceedings. On appeal, held, affirmed. Section 2283 of the Judicial Code prevents a federal court injunction of a state court proceeding, despite the fact that the activities involved are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board. Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America v. Richman Brothers Co., 348 U.S. 511, 75 S.Ct. 452 (1955).