E. Blythe Stason

His extreme modesty and unwillingness to advertise himself or permit others to extol him, his utter unselfishness, and his complete subordination of self and personal interests to those of the University and Law School to which he gave four decades of loyal and devoted service, have combined to leave biographical materials about Dean E. Blythe Stason, except for the most routine accounts, almost nonexistent. Writings by him are amazing in number and scope. Writings about him can scarcely be found. This is not because there is a lack of things to write about him and his many, brilliant accomplishments in the fields of law, education, administration and legal statesmanship. May one soon appear, with talents greater than those of this writer, to whom the time, opportunity and occasion may be made available for the necessary study, research and resultant writing. This alone could do him justice and permit the adequate paying of a richly deserved tribute. At the same time, it would add much to the public knowledge of how his achievements and many distinctions have helped to enhance the eminence and rich traditions of the Law School over whose destinies, for so long, he presided.