Cyber Mobs, Disinformation, and Death Videos: The Internet as It Is (and as It Should Be)

Danielle Keats Citron*

Review of Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina.

*Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law; Vice President, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative; Affiliate Fellow, Yale Information Society Project; Affiliate Scholar, Stanford Center on Internet and Society. I am grateful to Mary Anne Franks and Sara Rimer for their helpful insights, to Carrie Goldberg for talking to me about her important work, to Ellie Citron and Brian Flaherty for excellent feedback and research, and to Tyler Gabrielski for his kind assistance. This project benefited from the support of Boston University School of Law and my wonderful deans—Dean Angela Onwuachi-Willig and Associate Dean Stacey Dogan. Deep thanks to the Michigan Law Review, my editors Nina Cahill and Andrew Lanham for their inspired suggestions, and to Cade Boland and Sarah McDonald for their helpful insights.

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