Book Reviews

The collaboration in a literary and scholarly enterprise of Mr. Thomas Erskine Holland as editor, Mr. James L. Brierly as translator, and the Oxfor University Press as publisher was certain to produce a work of superior merit. They have in all respects outdone themselves in their sumptuous edition of Legnano’s TRLACTATUS in the Classics of International Law. The volume contains a collotype of an early manuscript, a reproduction of the first edition, a revised Latin text, an English translation by Mr. Brierly, and an excellent biographical and bibliographical introduction by Mr. Holland. The editing has been done throughout with Mr. Holland’s characteristic skill 3nd scholarly thoroughness. The present reviewer is not an expert Latinist and is of course incapable of a critical judgment on the merits of the translation. With this much of a confession, it can do no harm to add that he has read the translation carefully and has found it satisfactory in all respects. The press work is beyond praise.