Book Reviews

The Negotiable Instruments Law Annotated by Joseph Doddridge Brannon, Professor of Law Emeritus, in Harvard University. Third Edition. The W. H. Anderson Company, Cincinnati, 1920, pp. lxvi, 662. That this is the third edition of this compilation, indicates a favorable reception by law book buyers. In this case the demand should not be confinned to lawyers, for the book would be of particular value to bankers and others of the lay world who have to deal with commercial paper. And for such readers, who seek practical information as to the characteristics and qualities of particular instruments as affected by the Uniform Negotiable Instruments Act, it must be an extremely useful book. Even the lawyer, who will go eventually to his digests, can find the preliminary information he needs compiled herein. Its small size, however, precludes a very extended collection of authority on any one subject. The half page, for- instance, of decisions bearing upon § 2, I “a sum certain * * * although * * * with interest” can not compare with the eight pages of annotation in 2 A. L. R. 135, not to mention the digests.