Book Reviews

This volume was prepared under the supervision of Colonel J. H. Wigmore. It was designed especially for the use of the Students’ Army Training Corps, and was available for that purpose just about the time those Corps were” disbanded. The volume, however, is a very valuable source-collection for the use of anyone interested in Military and War-time Law,-the two parts into which the volume is divided. The first part includes legislative enactments, with extracts from the English Mutiny Act of 1688, from the United States Constitution, all of the Articles of War, and numerous extracts from the Revised Statutes of 1878, from the Criminal Code of xg0* and many others. Also most of the leading American cases on the State and Federal military powers, martial law, executive powers, special civil rights ‘and liabilities of military persons, effect of war on civil rights and liabilities, and on the army orianfzation. Part II, War-time sources, includes the important legislative enactments of 1916-1918; regulations and general orders, some seventeen cases, including the conscription case- (Arver v. U. S., 245 U. S. 366) and many arising under the Selective Service and Espionage acts; some sixty opinions of the Judge Advocate General in 1917-198 on miscellaneous topics, andotwenty-four more on court martial and disciplinary treatment.