Book Reviews

Thank you for your interest in writing a book review for the Michigan Law Review’s Annual Survey of Books! Our reviewers perform a valuable service for the legal community, and we greatly appreciate your desire to contribute. In order to assist us in making our selections, please follow these guidelines when submitting a book review proposal. Selections will occur on a rolling basis until May 14, 2023, with publication scheduled for Spring 2024.

Submission Guidelines
Please send all submissions to the Book Review office at You have two options for submitting a proposal. First, you may submit a full draft manuscript. While we strongly encourage manuscripts, we understand that this is not always possible. Thus, if you are unable to submit a manuscript, you may instead send a short draft section of your review (usually three to five pages), along with a formal proposal, as detailed below. Whether you submit a full draft or a proposal, please include the following information: 

    • Whether you have previously published with the Michigan Law Review
    • Any information relevant to either the book or proposed review, including, for example, a relationship with the author or a particular expertise in the area 
    • Your CV

If you choose not to submit a full manuscript, you must submit, along with a draft section of your review, a one-to-two-page proposal, which should include the following information:

1) About the book (or books) you propose to review: 

    • Author, title, publisher, and publication date. (For the 2024 Survey, the publication date should be either 2022 or 2023). 
    • A brief overview of the book’s contents
    • A brief description of the book’s place within legal scholarship, including an explanation of why you think the book is important and timely. 

2) About the piece you propose to write: 

    • A summary of the anticipated content or scope of the review; in particular, a description of the angle you plan to take and the novel arguments that you anticipate advancing in the piece. 
    • The stage you have reached in writing the review and the earliest date at which you could complete a draft. (This information is helpful to us as we plan our production schedule). 

Our preference is for final drafts of no more than 8,500 words, including footnotes.

If you have further questions, please email the Book Review office at