First Impressions

The Michigan Law Review invites essay submissions on current areas of legal thought and research for First Impressions, the journal’s online publication.

First Impressions publishes op-ed style articles by academics, judges, practitioners, and law students. The extension of the Law Review’s printed pages facilitates quick dissemination of the legal community’s initial impressions of important judicial decisions, legislative developments, and timely legal policy issues.

First Impressions strongly prefers submissions of around 3,000 words, and it cannot accept essays with fewer than 2,200 words (not including footnotes) or more than 3,200 words (including footnotes). Submissions should be written in a style accessible to a general audience of practitioners and policymakers. Pieces will be published on an expedited production schedule.

Please send pieces for consideration, as well as any questions, to the Executive Editors of First Impressions.